Sunday, 29 June 2014

What does a hobby eat?

Why of course a H0bby eats MALE Fox Moths. Well done Nobirds - I'm not sure but did you verify one..... or two records there with your 'Hobby eating male Fox Moths' record?

Of course, you would know exactly what a male Fox moth looks like wouldn't you? And be able to verify it as such? You must have access to super-duper lenses but then you guys know what the coolest optics are and tell the best jokes (someone told me you have an inside man who is really funny)

Hmm, have to get that old 'male Fox moth' record past the Macro Moth verifier for Northern Ireland wouldn't you? Incidentally, how many fox moths were there- just to make it a proper record, ye know?

So, pray tell me, Nobird Rarities Committee - how do you clinch the ID of a male Fox flight?....being munched by a Hobby? verify the record. While you're at it Take me to the bridge.

You need help knobirds, Where's the 2009 bird report?! Derek's nearly finished 2013. This isn't one of our stupid 'oooh, report looming' stream of conciousness lies. he has. haven't seen a knobirds report since 2008. It'll soon be the centenary.

Radio Nibirding

nothing wrong with a bit of cheese..........

I'm a cock!!!

Just when I thought Upland Sandpiper dipping was my epic fail I get informed of two in one day

Hemp Agrimony Plume Adaina microdactyla. I trapped beside a Hemp Agrimony bush - could be a first for NI. I let the wee fella go. Potential 1st for NI.

Choristoneura hebenstreitella. I let two of them go. 1st for NI.

The rules say - 'New for NI? You have to have  a specimen, otherwise it doesn't count'.

Here's one from during the week - a Crocicephalus monopis. Species No. 315 for Murlough - 3rd for Northern Ireland.

I feel sick. I'm a cock.

Thursday, 26 June 2014


One of the greatest songs ever written

Monday, 23 June 2014


Hobbys on the loose!

 There are apparently 3 Hobbys on the loose in NI! One at Montaighs pictured here, one at Murlough eating Moths (we like this one!) and one in the Mournes!!

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

radio needeebeerdeeng

Rose Colured Starling photos

 Those naughty Nobirds suppressing the Rose Colured Starling, the location is now well known!! Bird Information Service? Only if you are in the inner circle!! If you want to know the location contact me. There was no sign of it this morning but i am sure its still in the area.

Orchids and stuff

 A few rather lovely Orchids, Northern Marsh, Bee and Birds Nest Orchid and a bonus Green Hairstreak. None of these were taken at Murlough because Murlough is pure dung! Anyone who tells you different is a tosser or a McGarry. It is good for Cuckoo however and you can get a decent photo if you tape lure them.If you do dont send us the photo send it to Nobirds, they love tape lured photos.

Monday, 16 June 2014

radion ninfignbirding

Mr Blobby

 Keeping a rare moth in a fridge? How odd is that? The Northern Ireland Wildlife Act 1964 aactually makes this illegal and i hope the Rozzers go round and arrest him. It would be great if he got banged up for about 5 years. Moth people are extremely sad and weird, unlike birdwatchers who are like completelty normal. Here are some photos of the Hobby, this bird will never be officially recorded in Northern Ireland thanks to the wonderful McGarry brothers. It will appear in our report though. Ive been looking at the 2013 report and there wasnt a rare bird worth a toot. This report shouldnt take too long!! Our 2012 report has now been sent to 450 people!! Not bad going for a regional report!

Sunday, 15 June 2014

radio nibnirdingf

Hobby photos

TThanks to Keith Bennett for these Hobby photos. Keith said they were taken at Montaighs but we don't believe Keith, we think they were taken in Sweden.I've been to Montaighs 50 times the last 2 months and never seen Keith there.Seen a McGarry or two snooping about, they must have been lost.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Bingo Stingo!!!!

Moth of the year so far in Northern Ireland -well done to Catherine Bertrand of Butterfly Conservation Northern Ireland for catching and identifying this Beautiful Brocade Laconabia contigua. A bleepity-blopping stunner or, as someone else said - 'Bingo Stingo'!!!

1st confirmed record in decades - possibly 130 years. A stunner - it's in my fridge for the time-being. Admission: one bottle of cider per person plus £20. It's a metter ov piersonal opiniuene but zis meuth reminds moi ov ze Jon Spencer Blues Explosion......that bloke out of Allo Allo carcked it today. What a crap show.

Derk has a beard but it's on the parts of his bum he can't reach when he's shaving off the excess.....which is a lot, lot more than you would expect was humanly, worse than you could imagine.......they're doing an Embarrassing Bodies special on him.

radio nibirding

Friday, 13 June 2014

radio nibirding

Lesser Tawyblade

 Andrew is mad and very insecure, what a load of nonsence he comes out with. I notice he hadny Lesser Twayblade on his long list of sightings, i bet he has never seen Lesser Twayblade anywhere before. Lesser Twayblade and Upland Sandpiper, easy to see if you arent stupid.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Couldn't have said it better myself.....

.............Derk, I honestly am all Corncraked out. Next time you can afford the Tory ferry bag us one so I can eat it. Otherwise I'm going to punch you in the face. Corncrakes remind me of.......Dr. Alimantado

Derk saw a conrcrake......I didn't see very much today just some large red damselfly, common blue damselfly, blue-tailed damselfly, 4 spotted chaser, small heath, marsh fritillary, ringlet, green-veined white, meadow brown, celypha lacunana, timothy tortrix, silver hook, silver y, crambus lathionellus, crambus pascuella (actually, no that's a lie), udea prunalis, brown china-mark, yellow flag iris, common spotted orchid, whitethroat, reed bunting, bullfinch, wood pigeon, pheasant, cows,cydia ulicetana, common heath, brown silver-line, sexton beetle, garden chafer, cockchafer. syndemis musculana, cuckoo, common marbled carpet, mottled beauty, mute swan, eider, brimstone moth, broom moth, alder moth, elephant hawkmoth, small elephant hawkmoth, eupecilia angustana, a stigmella sp., white ermine, spectacle, dark spectacle, meadow pipit, elvis, blackbird, oystercatcher, goldfinch,peppered moth, pale tussock, farmyard goose (heard only), an oligia sp., heart and dart, flame shoulder, shears, green arches, pebble prominent, swallow, chickens, hedgehog (roadkill), badger (roadkill), cat (roadkill), scalloped hazel, brown rustic,  tormentil, bright-line brown-eye, common lutestring, knotgrass, common pug, chaffinch, great tit, map-winged swift, clouded silver, peach blossom, small angle shades, shoulder-striped wainscot, clouded border, beautiful golden y, royal fern and buff arches. Oh and I nearly forgot the pseudargyrotoza conwagana (who could forget that!)

Which is a pretty shite day I have to admit - fair enough, Derk.........your quornrcrake wins big mushroom-eating-pogonophobe ye!!

All Corncraked Out

 Here are a selection of Corncrake photos or as Andrew calls them reeds