Saturday, 14 June 2014

Bingo Stingo!!!!

Moth of the year so far in Northern Ireland -well done to Catherine Bertrand of Butterfly Conservation Northern Ireland for catching and identifying this Beautiful Brocade Laconabia contigua. A bleepity-blopping stunner or, as someone else said - 'Bingo Stingo'!!!

1st confirmed record in decades - possibly 130 years. A stunner - it's in my fridge for the time-being. Admission: one bottle of cider per person plus £20. It's a metter ov piersonal opiniuene but zis meuth reminds moi ov ze Jon Spencer Blues Explosion......that bloke out of Allo Allo carcked it today. What a crap show.

Derk has a beard but it's on the parts of his bum he can't reach when he's shaving off the excess.....which is a lot, lot more than you would expect was humanly, worse than you could imagine.......they're doing an Embarrassing Bodies special on him.