Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Couldn't have said it better myself.....

.............Derk, I honestly am all Corncraked out. Next time you can afford the Tory ferry bag us one so I can eat it. Otherwise I'm going to punch you in the face. Corncrakes remind me of.......Dr. Alimantado

Derk saw a conrcrake......I didn't see very much today just some large red damselfly, common blue damselfly, blue-tailed damselfly, 4 spotted chaser, small heath, marsh fritillary, ringlet, green-veined white, meadow brown, celypha lacunana, timothy tortrix, silver hook, silver y, crambus lathionellus, crambus pascuella (actually, no that's a lie), udea prunalis, brown china-mark, yellow flag iris, common spotted orchid, whitethroat, reed bunting, bullfinch, wood pigeon, pheasant, cows,cydia ulicetana, common heath, brown silver-line, sexton beetle, garden chafer, cockchafer. syndemis musculana, cuckoo, common marbled carpet, mottled beauty, mute swan, eider, brimstone moth, broom moth, alder moth, elephant hawkmoth, small elephant hawkmoth, eupecilia angustana, a stigmella sp., white ermine, spectacle, dark spectacle, meadow pipit, elvis, blackbird, oystercatcher, goldfinch,peppered moth, pale tussock, farmyard goose (heard only), an oligia sp., heart and dart, flame shoulder, shears, green arches, pebble prominent, swallow, chickens, hedgehog (roadkill), badger (roadkill), cat (roadkill), scalloped hazel, brown rustic,  tormentil, bright-line brown-eye, common lutestring, knotgrass, common pug, chaffinch, great tit, map-winged swift, clouded silver, peach blossom, small angle shades, shoulder-striped wainscot, clouded border, beautiful golden y, royal fern and buff arches. Oh and I nearly forgot the pseudargyrotoza conwagana (who could forget that!)

Which is a pretty shite day I have to admit - fair enough, Derk.........your quornrcrake wins big mushroom-eating-pogonophobe ye!!