Tuesday, 3 June 2014


 Nobirds are not fooling anyone! As if they ever did! They have now posted 14 photos of the same Cuckoo. This Cuckoo is being tape lured in so Nobirds are condoning this by using the photos, well done guys Conservationists to the core. This isnt the first time those naughty Nobirds have used photoss of birds tape lured! Its a bloody Cuckoo, smacks a little of desperation. As for this waiting until news comes on the Irishbiridng or Birdguides and then putting it on the Nobirds Blog well it only highlights the fact that they have No-birds!! Everyone knows who Irishbirding and Birdguides is!! Really guys come up with a better plan. Here are some Hobby photos, it isnt a Cuckoo and a tape lure want used.

Dont forget our 2012 Report, it has now been sent to over 400 people, not bad going considering we havent advertised it. For £10 a year you can join Nobirds and get No-Report, thats if your cunning.