Monday, 2 June 2014

Radio Nibirding People's Republic of Radio Nibirding

Is it just me or was that a million dodgy stripey-quack-quack photos?

I hardly stirred at that at all but I did get a bit frisky when I caught a Netted Pug moth at Murlough  yesterday - 2 years in a row, oooaah get in there! Now, if only someone would come up with an Irish Red list for moths.......then I'd have to take my pants down. I knew a bloke who used to take his pants down every time he saw a lifer. Ah, the memories of him dropping his bags at the Bann Estuary Bonaparte's Gull while I steadied the scope so he could get his eye in. I wonder what happened to him and whether he even bothers wearing trousers at all these days?

Derek is right.... I don't have a beard but that's because he stole it and is wearing it on his top lip.

Here'sa pic of a thing.

......I feel like a bit of Peter Tosh, so I do there now, Daniel O'Donnells favourite recording artist. There's nothing Daniel likes more than to sit back, put his feet up and have a big, fat. lovely cup of tea laced with.......more tea. And after that he'll just kick back and....have another cup of tea and then be really naughty three caramacs in less than a minute....and then decide to go a bit wild and a bit of Meatloaf on his stereo but then go and hide behind the sofa. JUST. LIKE. DEREK......on a Friday night after attending Hamster Church - a Community Outreach Charity that provides spiritual assistance to hamsters and their congeners before going for a fake tan and hanging out with stamp collectors and failed arm wrestlers then finishing the evening by absorbing cup-a-soup via osmosis in the time honoured fashion of his ancestors Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich. Even Daniel smirks at your petty life Derek - it's a good job you've applied for a brain transplant. I had four Elephant Hawkmoths today, which was pleasing. I bet your day was rubbish. It always is. All the best. Andrew.