Tuesday, 10 June 2014


I'm sitting at work drinking a cup of tea as selling steel is thirsty work. I would prefer to be having a vodka and diet coke rather a cup of tea. But that would be frowned upon by the big wigs especially this early in the day. But I think it would help my sales rather than hinder them but you know what the big boss’s can be like. Im not a big boss I am just a guy sitting at my desk dreaming of having a vodka or two or maybe even three, just to bring me up to lunchtime.
Andrew thinks he is a big boss, a big boss with a beard. Andrew isnt allowed to drink even at home as all he talks about is growing beards, joining the Taliban and writing the complete works of "Moths of Afghanistan" Andrew says the Taliban make the Moths wear Burkhas but i know the Taliban are mad but they are not as crazy as Andrew

But I did see the mini tornado last week, imagine that, I bet the boss’s didn’t see it, i bet Andrew didnt see it and guess where I was when I seen it? Bet you will never guess so I will tell you, yes old crazzeeee land itself Aghagallon!! I wasn’t there looking at the crazzee people although no one would blame me if I was I was looking for a Hobby a rare falcon which I found there last week. We didn’t see it  but we did see the twister. I have photos but i was going to sell them to the highest bidder but apparently there is no market for crap photos of crap twisters, but at least they are not photos of Tree Sparrows or Little Gulls.  I was wondering if the twister was going to uproot Aghagallon village and take the crazzeeiisss up in the air and deposit them somewhere near Monaghan. But it didn’t, the tornado just went back up into the sky and carried on like a normal cloud. I went home for a cup of soup but we hadn’t got any so I had a cup of tea instead. That was my night, it was a night last week. Footnote: Nobirds are really crap arent they?