Sunday, 29 June 2014

What does a hobby eat?

Why of course a H0bby eats MALE Fox Moths. Well done Nobirds - I'm not sure but did you verify one..... or two records there with your 'Hobby eating male Fox Moths' record?

Of course, you would know exactly what a male Fox moth looks like wouldn't you? And be able to verify it as such? You must have access to super-duper lenses but then you guys know what the coolest optics are and tell the best jokes (someone told me you have an inside man who is really funny)

Hmm, have to get that old 'male Fox moth' record past the Macro Moth verifier for Northern Ireland wouldn't you? Incidentally, how many fox moths were there- just to make it a proper record, ye know?

So, pray tell me, Nobird Rarities Committee - how do you clinch the ID of a male Fox flight?....being munched by a Hobby? verify the record. While you're at it Take me to the bridge.

You need help knobirds, Where's the 2009 bird report?! Derek's nearly finished 2013. This isn't one of our stupid 'oooh, report looming' stream of conciousness lies. he has. haven't seen a knobirds report since 2008. It'll soon be the centenary.