Monday, 21 July 2014

Cross Border Moth Raid

Seeing as the other week was the twelth of July Derk bribed myself and Ed to go down south on a moth trip but we knew he was really on another of his missionary trips. We had to take two cars as we wanted to bring some moth traps and Derk's car was filled full of Portavogie Brethren bibles.

So off we went, following Derk in his little Lada - panic set in as it became quite clear he was taking us to the town of Kilcock

We tried to lose him but he eventually found us down in Co. Clare. Thankfully Derk spent most of his time in the middle of Kinvarra on top of a milk crate spoutin some rubbish about the end of the world.

 Just what I like - travel halfway across Ireland to see the same old muck I get at home. Dark Arches. My favourite.

 More muck - except this is the Irish subspecies odiddlyii of Single-dotted Wave

Deplanquiea dilutella. Plonker to the initiated

A Magpie Moth. How boring is this moth? No, seriously. It's pretty rubbish. Derk likes putting these in his underpants. I wasn't aware of this until Ed caught him at it. We don't talk to Derk anymore.

 Oooh, very camp. Eucosma camopliliana.

 Brunished Barse or Burnished Brass? Depends how drunk you are.

Dipso moth or The Drinker to normal people. You hear that Dave? You're a normal person.

Hemp Agrimony Plume Adaina microdactyla. Skeletor is a much better name.

 Up to the Buffers with Buff-tips.

 Satan's moth. Brimstone Moth - apparently this moth is the most common moth to be found drinking teardrops out of the corner of your eye when you're asleep

 The most exciting moth in the world....and it's an orphan snf snf. Scoparia subfusca - it has an english name now but I refuse to use it.

whacky-lackey moth - you can smoke these. Actually, you can't and it's just called a Lackey moth. 

 It's purple. A purple nurple maybe? Pyrausta purpuralis is what it says in the book but I would doubt that. I mean, just because it looks like it in every single detail and was found in the right habitat at the right time of year doesn't convince me.

Brown-trousers Brown-thing moth. No, hold on a minute it's a Bright-line Brown-eye, I mean Brown-line Bright-eye. No, Bright-line-line Brown-eye. Yes that's it. Or is it? Aaaaargh - it's definitely Brown-line Bright Eye.....I think. Aye, it is. Definitely is. Trust me.

Agadoo doo doo Agapeta zoegana.

 Catflapia pinecone.....or something like that. Or perhaps something like Catroptia pinella? I should really stop lying about things.

Some silly auld fleurs. I dug some of these up for me Ma's garden. Anybody want a couple of buckets of Dark Red Helleborines? Otherwise I'm going to chuck them out

 Stalking Father Ted. All that wasted time - it turns out he's dead.

Derk liked touching  this one on it's horn. It's a Narrow-bordered Bee Hawk-moth with issues now.

So there ye are now, so ye are. We left Derk to evangelise and as we left we saw him in the wing mirror fighting a couple of priests. What a crap holiday.