Wednesday, 23 July 2014


Well, tough.

Here's a small blood-vein. old hat this really but it's a moth and not a bird. I don't think there'll ever be another bird pic on this blog. Birds are for twonks and flippity-flloppers.

Even dreek Derk has given up on birds - he's much more interested in agrarian agitation in Bulgaria during 1913-1915 and furthering his country and western career. Sales have been slow but then who wants to hear laments of the Second Balkan War played on a Bontempi organ? I'm not even sure you could call it country and western, more like Bros meets Chesney Hawkes except in checked shirts and rhinestones. Derk's constantly banging on about how he got to see Chesney in the Downs Rd. car park in Newcastle in 1991. Still, they like it in Estonia where Derk reached No. 134 in the charts.

Here's Slowcoaches, definitely not country and western

Please note: Derk's articles articles on the Burren are obviously false - that's not a Stilton, it's a Camembert but don't worry I've reported him to the Cheese Police. Incidently, I didn't eat that cheese until Monday past - out of the fridge for a week, haven't been off the bog since but it was worth it!