Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The disaster that was the Burren, Part 2

 Day 2-4, above a Moth, they trapped 212 species, how mad is that?
 The Black Art of Moth trapping below, they should really get a life!
 Now we are talking, the wonderful Dark Red Helloborine
 Some pretty flowers

 A Snail on an Okellyi Orchid. The Snail has been contracted to write the 2009 Nobirds Report. Where is my report anyway or my £20 back!
 The Yellow Brimstone Flower only found in the Burren
 Bird of the trip. This Robin was my favourite as i seen him eat 1 moth.
 A pretty moth but i couldnt beieve it when Andrew pulled out some crackers and some stinky cheese, put the moth in between the crackers and ate it, disgusting
 Andrew looking for more moths to eat
 Andrew eating Moths and stinky stilton
 The Burren Green Butterfly, the Green colour morph
Mad moth trappers who dont want their identities revealed and whats that the last Nobirds report? They are now antigues and worth at least £1 each, how can antigues drop 90% in just 6 years?
So children never trust moth trappers, never go the Burren and if you ever catch a rare moth dont give it to Andrew, he will eat it