Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Trip to the Burren, what really happened part 1

 I didnt want to go to the Burren, there are no birds in the Burren, there is plenty of limestone however. But Andrew had been on the phone to me 3 times a day crying about Gareth Brookes. Andrew had bought tickets for all 5 of Gareths shows, he is his biggest fan and has exact copys of all his hats, Andrew is a wierdo. But Andrew offered me a £100 a day if i went and even though i am a fool i am not that big of a fool, i was off like a shot!! First surprise was Andrew had bought an ice cream van and Ed arrived with a trailer full of moth traps (see photo above) Andrew says there is money in pokes and no better place to sell than in Ballyvaughan selling to the Yanks!! So off we set, the Ice Cream van only does 40 mph so it took us six hours, it was grim
 We arrived at the BB (its in the middle of the picture, it was a lot bigger in real life, the photo is just taken from far away) Andrew paid for my stay so all i had to do is go out and find some orchids and birds!!
 Common Tawyblade, not very common at all, i seen two of these!! I also seen 4 Med Gulls from the BB, the first record for the BB apparently!
 Moth trappers in action
 Andrew below, he has just realised that he hates moths and is wondering why he brough 32 moth traps with him
 Broad Leaved Helloborine, a Burren tick for us all
 The Burren Green Butterfly the reason we went, its not very green
 A Slow Worm, Andrew called it Larry, apparently its a reptile (the worm, not Larry)
 A Moth under a leaf, some moths live their whole lifes under a leaf, Andrew told me, i learned a lot about Moths

 A Frog, we called this one Larry as well as its very slimy
Mine host at the BB, Belinda, she works as a podium dancer in Kinvarraa International Nightclub, but she was never home until 9 am, we reckon it was more pole dancing than podium danceing. More sometime.....