Monday, 18 August 2014

Burren Green Irish Annulet

Well, here we go again - Derk is a silly old duffer with a handlebar moustache who wouldn't know a Burren Green even if it was flashed into his brain for 30 years Anthony Burgess-style. See below for a green moth....

Anyway, that was really easy - it only took me four attempts to see it so that's pretty good for me. Taking a trip down to Rip-off Ireland certainly hits the pocket - I got a steak that cost me 17 yoyos and it tasted like a pizza (how do you actually do that?!). The wife was able to tuck into half a dozen microwaved crab toes for 15 yoyos - run of the mill stuff for good old Rip Off Ireland so I'm going to move somewhere it's cheaper, like Finland. Anyway I got my Burren Baptism and smashed myself all over the limestone pavement

Which was a bit of a pain in the arse, elbow, ribs, forearm, knee and shin. Thankfully I ran into a load of hippies at Coolorta who gave me a magic bean to eat, after what seemed like decades I looked down and my knee had completely healed man, so I went off and ate 50 bags of wotsits.

Irish Annulets aren't too bad either - it was often assumed that this species was restricted to areas like the Burren in Co. Clare but I nicked half a dozen and released them at Murlough. They're on the list now.