Thursday, 14 August 2014

Golden Oldies

All of these are from the other week, so quite boring now according to twatter. Interesting news is that knobirds are still rubbish - have you looked at their website recently? I haven't. As for poor Derk he fell down a bog hole in Co. Offaly today and had to call in the Irish Coastguard to airlift him out but they napalmed him by mistake

blood vein - rubbish, see it before. 3rd NI record

shuttle-shaped dart - 6th irish record. could have done better

mullein wave - nice, 2nd NI record since 1999 but not a first for northern ireland

All new for the Murlough list - that's what really counts. I award myself a curry and a couple of ales. Hurrah.

Here's another golden oldie........