Tuesday, 30 September 2014

He is on the Telly!

Dont be arranging to go out on Friday night, sit in instead, get yourself a chinker and a bottle of bucky and watch Andrew Crory on the telly!! Yes its true!! The legend that is Joe McMahan interviews Andrew for Lesser Spotted Ulster!! Joe this week is doing an in depth special on the Nobirds Phenonomen and talks at length on how they got their name and some of the much loved characters like Larry McGarry and his well pressed trousers and the funster that is Gary McGarry and apparently there is footage of him doing that funny thing he does, we cant wait! There is also live footage of wee Joe ringing flapline and Andrew tells me that Joe actually feints when he hears there is an adult female Marsh Harrier at the Qouile backed up with a possible Long Tailed Tit in Co.Armagh (yes that last one was on flapline this year, it was a classic!) come who wouldnt feint! Andrew also tells Joe that it was himself who set up the Nobirds Blog and all the links etc but does admit that wasnt his finest moment! Andrew and Joe also pour over the recent Nobirds Bird Report but this scene may be cut in the ffinal edit as it is 0.05 seconds long and doesnt involve an actual report. Near the end Joe also finds a very large safe marked Nobirds Money, where all the tenners are kept and Andrew uses some Alcamy he learnt while on remand at Ballykinler and when they blast it open they find its completely empty and there is a classic moment where Joe just gasps "where has all the money gone?"  The final scene Andrew shows Joe the Great White Egret ssitting on his moth trap while a Franklins Gull flys over, pure class!! So Friday night after Corrie tune to ITV to watch Andrew and wee Joe catch flys with their tongues.
Here are a few Lesser Spotted Woodpecker photos

Monday, 29 September 2014

Education is what you need!

 Roy Castles famously sang "eduction is what you need" and Nobirds famous mantra is "we are here to educate you" so we decided to go down to the Quoile and see the Nobirds adult female Marsh Harrier and educate ourselves. Firstly we took the Nobirds advice and called at the Quoile Centre for a key to the hide!! First bit of education, the Quoile Centre was closed!! Brilliant, well done Nobirds!! But not deterred we went on and luckily a man with a key let us in!! Thank you that man, but how did you get that key!!! The Nobirds "adult female Marsh Harrier" wasnt there but had been replaced in the exact same spot by a juvenile Marsh Harrier!! Cue Nobirds red faces, they even sent some of their top men on this mission!! What are the chances of two Marsh Harriers being in the same spot, one only seen by Nobirds (an adult female) and one seen by non Nobirders!! (a juvenile)Not a lot i would say!! We went home without a cup of tea!! (long story!!) No sign of the reported Franklins Gull or Great White Egret, come on Andrew where are the photos!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


You cant watch those Nobirds boys, they have thought of a new cunning plan! Instead of calling me Birdguides or Irishbirding they have now decided to call me nothing!! Clever or what!! Myself, Walter Veale and Majella Callaghan found the Spoonbill on Saturday morning after its summer vacation to the Qouile / Murlough. We let all our friends know and news has got back to those Nobirds McGarrys!! They obviously had a strokey beard meeting on how to handle this as the news never made Irishbiridng or Birdguides so they went ahead and released the news anyway but this time they put no name against the sighting, clever McGarrys!! You just cant out clever those guys!! Here are some Pectoral Sandpiper photos, you will see they are not copyrighted, might tackle that particular one tomorrow!

Monday, 22 September 2014

Franklins Gull / Great White Egret, Mystery Weekend

The big bird over the weekend was undoubtedly the claimed Franklins Gull off St Johns Point. Just one small problem. It was seen 11am Saturday and news didnt break until people were in their beds on Saturday night!! First things first, no one has to put any news out about anything, if you see a Franklins Gull and want to keep it to your yourself, go ahead knock yourself out!
Maybe the finder Tim Murphy did tell Flapline / Nobirds about it as soon as he found it and they didnt tell anyone else a slap in the face for all those ten pound members of the the people who ring flapline! Maybe Tim didnt tell anyone until after dark for reasons only he will know but whatever way round no one had a chance to look for the bird on Saturday and try and refind it for everyone else to look at. The finder Tim and Nobirds must know that a Franklins Gull would create considerable interest both locally and from Southern Ireland. I think the whole thing can be summed up on Sunday when no one even bothered to go and look for it but lets hope its refound so we can all enjoy it. We look forward to Nobirds showing the photos which rule out any number of hybrid gulls resembling Franklins Gulls that have been seen in recent years in the UK. I also hope Andrew has a photo of the Great White Egret he claimed he seen beside his moth trap at Murlough yesterday come on Andrew where are they? Come on big lad, put up or shut up!

Here is a picture of a Plover of sort, somewhere

Friday, 19 September 2014

Great White Egret update

The Nobirds Great White Eejit was looked for extensively this morning but it has flown the coup. Eighteen Larry McGarrys were in the south bay with one Larry in the north bay.Andrew was hoping for a Murlough tick but sadly not today

White Rump Sand again!

 Whats going on in Nobirds land, they appear to not know what they are doing!! They are again calling me Birdguides which is nice but naughty of them. Then yesterday i was Irishbirding but this was deleted last night, i am confused i dont know what i am called anymore!! They are extremely sad why dont they go out and find some of their own birds, perish the thought, much easier to sit at home!! Also we see they have reported another Great White Eejit but again no photos!! We know just how much they loooovvveee those big White birds but why no photos. Ive seen 6 in Ireland and photographed them all, they are after all huge!! Its not rocket science. Anyway we will get this one checked out just like we did the Quoile bird. The Nobirds Great White Eejit at the Quoile had been replaced in exactly the same spot the next morning with a pale Grey Heron, what a coincidence!! Keep you updated!!



Thursday, 18 September 2014

Horses head in the bed!

Thanks to Ian Wray for the photo of the White Rumped Sandpiper (the bird on the left) and the Nobirds McGarry horses head!!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

White Rumped Sandpiper

 A few shocking yes shocking photos of the White Rumped Sandpiper found at Lady Bay, Lough Neagh yesterday evening, they are that bad i think i might send them to Nobirds!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Hollly Blue, Yellow Legged Gull

 Lots of disturbing things going on at the moment. In Richill Andrew Poots has run out of seed for his Tree Sparrow feeding station and is starting to feed the Sparrows, Holly Blue Butterflys! Andrew kindly sent us this photo seconds before 19 Tree Sparrows converged on it! Even more disturbing is that Ian Dickey has taken up with aYellow Legged Gull and is doing a Cafe Tour of Belfast. All the gull wwill eat is Puffin eggs and caaviar (see picture below). It is costing Ian a fortune and Mrs Dickey isnt too happy either, Ian has been told its the gull or me!! I suspect Mrs Dickey will be homeless shortly.
But what about the Four Non Blondes on the other channel, all they can do is scream at the top of their voices "Whats going on!" Larrry, Barry, Garry and Harry have no idea, especially know it all big drawers Larry. Anyway Ian wants to know can you lend him some of the missing money as Puffin eggs are not cheap

Monday, 15 September 2014

Dont mention the War!

 Andrew has been on and given me strict instructions not to mention Nobirds ever again, he thinks they are great again after they offered him free life membership which includes a free annual report and a cut of the profits, did i say profits i meant membership money and he also has a direct free line to flapline. They have told him he can post one moth photo a year but if he has any dunnuck photos or out of focus raptor shots he can post as many of them as possible! Here are some 1st winter Yellow Legged Gull photos, Andrew hates gulls. I have taaken his name of the 2013 report.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Clouded Yellow

A Clouded Yellow Butterfly was at Myroe today.An adult Yellow Legged Gull was at the Roe Estuary

Friday, 12 September 2014

Ward Park Black Duck

 Whatever happened to the Ward Park Black Duck? Whatever happened to Leon Trotsky!! What happened all the money? Better not mention the money or i will start getting nasty emails again. But we can talk about the Ward Park Black Duck because it was real!! Or was it real? No one knows but we continue to wait with baited breath on the 2009 Nobirds report, maybe it will tell us in there? Another thing that is real is Nobirds membership money, £10 a year! No report for 5 years, where is all that membership money? Sorry not allowed to mention the money, Nobirds Mafia will leave a horses head in my bed (again) Ward Park Black Duck sorry i got off the subject again, no photos, freshwater lake, Bangor, its not looking good but i am sure it was a real one. Nobirds owe me 2 bird reports or else two years membership money? Money dont ask where the money has gone, i did but i think i got away with it. John Cleese classic, Fawlty Nobirds! Black Duck yes, one of the classics, Green Woodpecker i could go on and on, they loooovvveee Great White Eejits, cant report enough of them. 10p to ring Flapline? Come on who actually rings it? Where has all the money gone from this, a lot of 10ps over years! Sorry again i think the word money slipped out!! I refound the Black Duck, pictures here you should have been able to get a picture of the Black Duck at Ward Park, its a tiny place, i am sure the Black Duck there was real unlike this one!! Although looking good it flapped its wing ala Flapline Style, which is a bit like Gangham Style only it costs you £10 a time to join in. Sorry mentioned money again, i dont know why i do it!! Anyway the Black Duck was a hybrid check that wing pattern, Mrs Mallard has been a naughty duck or maybe it was Mr Mallard. I want my money back, money....

Bird news, well not really the Nobirds Great White Eejit was looked for yesterday but wasnt seen. No comment