Monday, 29 September 2014

Education is what you need!

 Roy Castles famously sang "eduction is what you need" and Nobirds famous mantra is "we are here to educate you" so we decided to go down to the Quoile and see the Nobirds adult female Marsh Harrier and educate ourselves. Firstly we took the Nobirds advice and called at the Quoile Centre for a key to the hide!! First bit of education, the Quoile Centre was closed!! Brilliant, well done Nobirds!! But not deterred we went on and luckily a man with a key let us in!! Thank you that man, but how did you get that key!!! The Nobirds "adult female Marsh Harrier" wasnt there but had been replaced in the exact same spot by a juvenile Marsh Harrier!! Cue Nobirds red faces, they even sent some of their top men on this mission!! What are the chances of two Marsh Harriers being in the same spot, one only seen by Nobirds (an adult female) and one seen by non Nobirders!! (a juvenile)Not a lot i would say!! We went home without a cup of tea!! (long story!!) No sign of the reported Franklins Gull or Great White Egret, come on Andrew where are the photos!