Monday, 22 September 2014

Franklins Gull / Great White Egret, Mystery Weekend

The big bird over the weekend was undoubtedly the claimed Franklins Gull off St Johns Point. Just one small problem. It was seen 11am Saturday and news didnt break until people were in their beds on Saturday night!! First things first, no one has to put any news out about anything, if you see a Franklins Gull and want to keep it to your yourself, go ahead knock yourself out!
Maybe the finder Tim Murphy did tell Flapline / Nobirds about it as soon as he found it and they didnt tell anyone else a slap in the face for all those ten pound members of the the people who ring flapline! Maybe Tim didnt tell anyone until after dark for reasons only he will know but whatever way round no one had a chance to look for the bird on Saturday and try and refind it for everyone else to look at. The finder Tim and Nobirds must know that a Franklins Gull would create considerable interest both locally and from Southern Ireland. I think the whole thing can be summed up on Sunday when no one even bothered to go and look for it but lets hope its refound so we can all enjoy it. We look forward to Nobirds showing the photos which rule out any number of hybrid gulls resembling Franklins Gulls that have been seen in recent years in the UK. I also hope Andrew has a photo of the Great White Egret he claimed he seen beside his moth trap at Murlough yesterday come on Andrew where are they? Come on big lad, put up or shut up!

Here is a picture of a Plover of sort, somewhere