Tuesday, 30 September 2014

He is on the Telly!

Dont be arranging to go out on Friday night, sit in instead, get yourself a chinker and a bottle of bucky and watch Andrew Crory on the telly!! Yes its true!! The legend that is Joe McMahan interviews Andrew for Lesser Spotted Ulster!! Joe this week is doing an in depth special on the Nobirds Phenonomen and talks at length on how they got their name and some of the much loved characters like Larry McGarry and his well pressed trousers and the funster that is Gary McGarry and apparently there is footage of him doing that funny thing he does, we cant wait! There is also live footage of wee Joe ringing flapline and Andrew tells me that Joe actually feints when he hears there is an adult female Marsh Harrier at the Qouile backed up with a possible Long Tailed Tit in Co.Armagh (yes that last one was on flapline this year, it was a classic!) come who wouldnt feint! Andrew also tells Joe that it was himself who set up the Nobirds Blog and all the links etc but does admit that wasnt his finest moment! Andrew and Joe also pour over the recent Nobirds Bird Report but this scene may be cut in the ffinal edit as it is 0.05 seconds long and doesnt involve an actual report. Near the end Joe also finds a very large safe marked Nobirds Money, where all the tenners are kept and Andrew uses some Alcamy he learnt while on remand at Ballykinler and when they blast it open they find its completely empty and there is a classic moment where Joe just gasps "where has all the money gone?"  The final scene Andrew shows Joe the Great White Egret ssitting on his moth trap while a Franklins Gull flys over, pure class!! So Friday night after Corrie tune to ITV to watch Andrew and wee Joe catch flys with their tongues.
Here are a few Lesser Spotted Woodpecker photos