Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Hollly Blue, Yellow Legged Gull

 Lots of disturbing things going on at the moment. In Richill Andrew Poots has run out of seed for his Tree Sparrow feeding station and is starting to feed the Sparrows, Holly Blue Butterflys! Andrew kindly sent us this photo seconds before 19 Tree Sparrows converged on it! Even more disturbing is that Ian Dickey has taken up with aYellow Legged Gull and is doing a Cafe Tour of Belfast. All the gull wwill eat is Puffin eggs and caaviar (see picture below). It is costing Ian a fortune and Mrs Dickey isnt too happy either, Ian has been told its the gull or me!! I suspect Mrs Dickey will be homeless shortly.
But what about the Four Non Blondes on the other channel, all they can do is scream at the top of their voices "Whats going on!" Larrry, Barry, Garry and Harry have no idea, especially know it all big drawers Larry. Anyway Ian wants to know can you lend him some of the missing money as Puffin eggs are not cheap