Tuesday, 23 September 2014


You cant watch those Nobirds boys, they have thought of a new cunning plan! Instead of calling me Birdguides or Irishbirding they have now decided to call me nothing!! Clever or what!! Myself, Walter Veale and Majella Callaghan found the Spoonbill on Saturday morning after its summer vacation to the Qouile / Murlough. We let all our friends know and news has got back to those Nobirds McGarrys!! They obviously had a strokey beard meeting on how to handle this as the news never made Irishbiridng or Birdguides so they went ahead and released the news anyway but this time they put no name against the sighting, clever McGarrys!! You just cant out clever those guys!! Here are some Pectoral Sandpiper photos, you will see they are not copyrighted, might tackle that particular one tomorrow!