Friday, 12 September 2014

Ward Park Black Duck

 Whatever happened to the Ward Park Black Duck? Whatever happened to Leon Trotsky!! What happened all the money? Better not mention the money or i will start getting nasty emails again. But we can talk about the Ward Park Black Duck because it was real!! Or was it real? No one knows but we continue to wait with baited breath on the 2009 Nobirds report, maybe it will tell us in there? Another thing that is real is Nobirds membership money, £10 a year! No report for 5 years, where is all that membership money? Sorry not allowed to mention the money, Nobirds Mafia will leave a horses head in my bed (again) Ward Park Black Duck sorry i got off the subject again, no photos, freshwater lake, Bangor, its not looking good but i am sure it was a real one. Nobirds owe me 2 bird reports or else two years membership money? Money dont ask where the money has gone, i did but i think i got away with it. John Cleese classic, Fawlty Nobirds! Black Duck yes, one of the classics, Green Woodpecker i could go on and on, they loooovvveee Great White Eejits, cant report enough of them. 10p to ring Flapline? Come on who actually rings it? Where has all the money gone from this, a lot of 10ps over years! Sorry again i think the word money slipped out!! I refound the Black Duck, pictures here you should have been able to get a picture of the Black Duck at Ward Park, its a tiny place, i am sure the Black Duck there was real unlike this one!! Although looking good it flapped its wing ala Flapline Style, which is a bit like Gangham Style only it costs you £10 a time to join in. Sorry mentioned money again, i dont know why i do it!! Anyway the Black Duck was a hybrid check that wing pattern, Mrs Mallard has been a naughty duck or maybe it was Mr Mallard. I want my money back, money....

Bird news, well not really the Nobirds Great White Eejit was looked for yesterday but wasnt seen. No comment