Friday, 19 September 2014

White Rump Sand again!

 Whats going on in Nobirds land, they appear to not know what they are doing!! They are again calling me Birdguides which is nice but naughty of them. Then yesterday i was Irishbirding but this was deleted last night, i am confused i dont know what i am called anymore!! They are extremely sad why dont they go out and find some of their own birds, perish the thought, much easier to sit at home!! Also we see they have reported another Great White Eejit but again no photos!! We know just how much they loooovvveee those big White birds but why no photos. Ive seen 6 in Ireland and photographed them all, they are after all huge!! Its not rocket science. Anyway we will get this one checked out just like we did the Quoile bird. The Nobirds Great White Eejit at the Quoile had been replaced in exactly the same spot the next morning with a pale Grey Heron, what a coincidence!! Keep you updated!!