Friday, 31 October 2014

A Nobirds Hallowe'en Special

A Nobirds Hallowe’en Special


Act IV Scene I

 Setting the scene where senior Nobirder Gustav McGarry is by a misty lighthouse, blaring car horn while a haunted dog is chasing sheep and disturbing wildlife for hours.....

Double, double toil and trouble;

Nobirds Reports burn and bubble

In the cauldron, black as night

Like the McGarrys, not too bright.

Round about the cauldron go;

In the made-up records throw –

Honey Buzzard, in bad weather,

No clear view of shape, nor feather;

Adder’s fork, blind-birder’s sting,

Dead Spoonbill and Tawny Owl’s wing –

In the cauldron boil and bake

All those records we know are fake!

Eye of newt and ‘Possible Tit’;

Gaul of goat’s cheese, just a bit,

Double trouble, bubble and boil

Legs of Marsh Sand from the Quoile;

Tail of fox from the reserve -

Bio-crap will not conserve

Such killers let out on the loose.

Throw in photo of Inch Snow Goose;

Make the gruel thick and slab,

All things Nobirds, dull and drab;

Stir in Flapline , make it coarse;

Hoof and hat of Pantymime Horse.

Larry, Garry, Barry, Harry;

Witches of occult, McGarry –

Stir into this hell-broth bunny,

Bat and rats that take your money;

Leave out AGMs and meetings

Lest they spoil their trick and treating

The nation to a proper schooling –

But it’s not all of us they’re fooling!

Webs of lies, a phantom Black Duck,

Nobody really gives a hoot!

Double, double toil and trouble;

‘Tis best to leave them in their bubble.



Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Yelloe Legged Gulls!

 It didnt take long for Nobirds to report another non existent bird, this time the Honey Buzzard on the north coast, the less said about this sad episode the better, suffice to say we all have Buzzard on our year lists so no need to travel!! Why dont Nobirds just ask the people who report this, this particular one would have been sorted in one minute. Here are some real birds, first winter Yellow Legged Gulls, boring arent they!!

Monday, 20 October 2014

American Golden Plover and Pied Flycatcher

 A few shots of the juvenile American Golden Plover that was at Myroe last Thursday and very nice it was too! A fem / imm Pied Flycatcher was at Kearney on Saturday morning

Thursday, 16 October 2014

I can't sleep for the noise the Bitterns are making on my roof.
Can you please tell me who I should report this to.

Marsh Sanpiper and Stuff

Just what is going on at Team Nobirds? I think we can all agree that they hit a new low of desperation with the reporting on 6th October and i quote "There was an unconfirmed report of an adult Marsh Sandpiper at the Quoile today at 12.45 today" Just what the hell does that mean?? Who reported this to them? Was it reported to them? Why is it an unconfirmed report? Why dont they come clean and tell us all about this sorry mess? In NI if someone is competent enough to identify a Marsh Sandpiper nevermind an "adult" Marsh Sandpiper they generally tell someone ie Nobirds, Flapline, Irishbiridng, Birdguides or someone who would put the news out. The fact that Nobirds reported an adult Marsh Sandpiper you would think that someone has reported it to them, you would think. My sources close to Nobirds tell me this isnt the case. It seems that someone wrote a message on the sightings board at the Qouile "Adult Marsh Sandpiper" but that it wasnt signed. It appears some nosey neb who hasnt the brains he was born with then contacted Nobirds and Nobirds decided to go viral, tossers. This is up there with their other  classics and brings into question the organisation and the people in the organisation. Well we all know the organisation doesnt exist it is one power mad gentleman clinging on glory hunting. They must know that an adult Marsh Sandpiper would attract a lot of attention both North and South and i spent two days fielding calls, texts and emails asking about this. I replied exactly the same way to each message and Nobirds and the individuals involved who have been a standing joke for a long time and have just upped their status to "Wanker Clowns" This report should have never got near the airwaves but with Nobirds anything is possible!! They are now reporting unsubstantiated reports written on bits of paper with no names on them, sad and extremely desperate. I think we have all enjoyed their run this month, the ringed Med Gull which moves around Belfast Lough a lot is pure genius (it originally came from the Med, surprise surprise) it would be great to see a bird photo, any bird photo from the Copeland Islands that isnt ringed and in the hand, come on Nobirds make a stand, dont be so bloody wooly Liberal, reporting an escaped Blue Morph Snow Goose shows their class and genius again and the little piece about the RSPB Reserve in Belfast was so girly it was unbelievable. We have no problem in saying that this year at the Reserve has been a complete and utter disaster to the RSPB in Northern Ireland, i think its been closed ten months and things are not moving at a pace, they are moving at a snails pace. The sooner its finished, cafe open, usable toliets, windows you can see out of, open Sundays the better for birders and the RSPB all round. I am sure the brown tongued and brown nosed hierachy at Nobirds will get invited to the opening!! Funny how none of them turned up when the RSPB were looking ideas for hides etc, too much like hard work. Still using other birders sightings under the Birdguides name, how lazy and arrogant
I think we should have a sweep, the next Nobirds report of a non existent bird, there are plenty to choose from those guys could come up with anything

Here is a nice photo of a Great Shearwater taken last week

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Holiday snaps

Long Billed Dowitcher and Laughing Gull what a great holiday that was, think i need another holiday!


 Here are a few pictures of a Great Shearwater or as Nobirds would call it a "probable" Great Shearwater. Why have they sstopped educating us! Did anyone see their Marsh Sandpiper? Gave me one of my best giggles, ever and by goodness they have gived us a few over the past few years. As a birder in the south said to me when he got the big news from Nobirds Hierachy "is their **** a Marsh Sandpiper at the Quoile" and he doesnt even live in NI!! Well done guys for giving everyone aa big all Ireland laugh, maybe in prepartion for their new report? Who knows!!

Friday, 3 October 2014

Dont forget to watch!!

Andrew is on tonite, Lesser Spotted Ulster, the only titbit ive been given is that Andrew tells Joe that a member of the Nobirds elite once got arrested for impersonating a cheeseboard, sounds like good Telly! A few more snaps of the aptly named White Rumped Sandpiper!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Deadly Duo

Ian Dickey and Stephen Maxwell shouldnt be allowed out with camera's, look what happened when they did. The first 4 photos are Ians and the bottom 3 are Stephens. Marsh Harriers appear to be everywhere at the moment, check all marshy areas carefully especially the Quoile, two of them there apparently! These photos must be up there with the best photos ever taken of Marsh Harrier in Northern Ireland