Monday, 10 November 2014

boring old moth news

ho hum, aren't moths rubbish? I much prefer punishing myself by walking around looking for non-existant migrant birds in Northern Ireland. No, actually that would be Derk. Poor, poor Derk and his multifarious attempts to break into the record industry. From his childhood days as a human footstool for Philomena Begley, through his formative years as Daniel O'Donnells ashtray all Derk has ever dreamed of  is becoming a irish-traditional-prog-rock-new-romantic-yodelling star. no surprises he's got nowhere with that but he's persistent, I'll give him that

here's some crap moths from ages ago that keep jumping into my moth-trap and one other that's a 1st for Northern Ireland but who cares about that? that's for dweebs.

Rusty-dot Pearl

Silver Y


rush veneer

Spolodea recurvalis...., nice one

Here's a very political song sung by lego people - we are all lego people now.