Saturday, 3 January 2015

A new year but the samr old Nobirds McGarrys

They really are class!
The Snowy Owl sitting in a garden! One of their absolute best! Why do they enterain rubbish like this? Evidence if evidence is needed that they don't know what they are doing!
Siberian Chiffer, for a start how many are there? One or two? Why are they calling them Siberian?  Who heard it or them call? Very Nobirds mysterious! Come clean Nobirds
Nobirds January 2nd
Come on who is going to twitch the Bullfinch
Nobirds New years day
Where is the brambling? Hillhead Road where?
Nobirds Happy New Year
No thank you from Adam! Had Adam jumped ship or have Nobirds hierarchy forgot him!
Who is thid Birdguides fella, come clean Nobirds, lazy lazy Nobirds
30th December
Lovely photo of a Mink. However a Mink is not a birf, Naughty Nobirds
Patchwork Challenge
Classic!  So much could be said, but when was the Feas Petrel? Suppressed? Are Nobirds advocating suppression?
Nobirds 29th December
Great White Egret, absolute classic again!
Nobirds 28th December
Treecreeper, Castlerock, anyone?
Nobirds 26th December
Jay in garden, Kells, yes Nobirds give you all the news!

Thats only the past week, time to make a return!  So a nee year, perhaps Nobirds will now produce a report, 2009 report is overdue? Perhaps they will tell us where all the moneys gone?