Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Defineatly not Moths

 Between Andrew's dirty stinking moths and the Nobirds laugh a minute routine i have been flushed out! No word if there are ten Siberian Chiffchaffs now at Oxford Island but the winter thrush survey was a dissapointment, not one Blackbird, Song Thrush or Mistle Thrush recorded, i think we need to call the Thrush Police to see if they can get to the bottom of it! Here are some Iceland Gull all action photos, you never see an all action shot of a Moth and at least they are not moths, or a Chiffchaff (remmber if anyone hears any of the Oxford Island Chiffchaffs get straight on to Nobirds) or  photos of Ruddy Ducks at locations we dont know about! Late news, text from Andrew there are 9 (yes a big fat Nobirds 9) Great White Egrets in the roost at Dundrum as well as a possible Long Tailed Tit