Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Lurgan Park Mysterys

A few shots of the Kumliens Gull at Lurgan Park Lake, its slooking a bit pasty! However this is a real bird!! There have been a few mysterious Nobirds reports from there recently, Ring Billed Gull and Red Crested Pochard! Naughty Nobirds, funny how none of these are ever seen by the locals but as everything at Lurgan Park Lake is photographable we await the pictures from the Nobirds crew, we might be in for a long wait!

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Politicians and Senior Civil Servants

Whoops! I must have got mixed up as what we have here is a bunch of cocks - reptilian creatures lacking human emotions, driven by base notions such as greed or lust and lacking a large enough brain to realise the axe will one day come - doesn't matter how sexy you think you are or how high your perch is.

Friday, 27 March 2015

I'm just a normal bloke

Andrew has some cheek talking about gulls when he can only get new moth ticks by dissecting their ddo das, how mad is that. 98.9% of moths look exactly alike and 1% of the rest that look different are actually not different just a colour morph of the 98.9% boyos.An Iceland Gull chasing a Kumliens Gull it doesnt get any better than that! How can they be the same species, just look at the difference?

 A Glucouse Gull!

 A 2nd winter hybrid gull and below a 1stw hybrid Gull!

Above Kumliens Gull below Iceland Gull, what a blog this is

And a Killybegs American Herring Gull

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Harley Queens

When i told Andrew i was putting a load of Queen photos on he got rather nervous that i was going to out him publicly as a Transvestite but no fears of that, here are some glorious Harlequeen Ducks from Iceland probably the cutest thing ever on the Blog. Andrew assures me he only dress's up in womens cloths when he goes to Nobirds Meetings so that he can fit in, when he visits the WOW Reserve ( he thought it meant Woman at Weekends) or every Saturday Night and he definately doesnt wear any make up apart from lipstick and a bit of eye-liner but he claims lip stick does attract in rare moths, we believe him. He did tell me one time in a bed and breakfast in Bunbeg, Donegal that he loved Eddie Izzard but i am sure he cant remember that, i cant forget it!

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Radio Nicebirding

Welcome to our daily church of Stereolab service - if you're here for absolution, sorry but we don't believe in anything. Actually, I believe that there are currently two Iceland Gulls at Lurgan Park Lake. Am I right? or am I right? You know I'm right Derek. Hallelujah...no, I don't think so, only stinking iceland gulls or, as everybody is afraid to call them, Larus argentatus agg.

Adult Kumliens Gull

You cant say this isnt better than a moth or a stick or some poo.

Monday, 23 March 2015

When is a Kumliens Gull not a Kumliens Gull!

 I have bumped into a few photographers recently in Lurgan Park who have been down to photograph the Kumliens Gull, just one small problem most dont know what they are looking at or photographing! Two different photographers over the weekend pointed the Kumliens Gull out to me and surprise surprise it was an Iceland Gull! Here is the problem! There is an Iceland Gull and a Kumliens Gull at Lurgan Park. Sometimes both are present, sometimes the Kumliens is on its own, sometimes the Iceland Gull is there with no Kumliens and sometimes neither! So be careful!

Above and below the first winter Iceland Gull

Below. Iceland Gull

Top bird Iceland Gull,below it the Kumliens

Next four the Kumliens, they are very similar but the easiest way to separate them, the Kumliens is missing a couple of tail feathers!

Sunday, 22 March 2015

The Direction of the Future

Inspired by one of my previous posts (I find that the best inspiration is myself) I present to you all 'Five Pictures of Poop'. It's often said to me 'What is this blog all about - it's nothing but dangerously delusional conversations with an imaginary person called Derek'. While that may be very true I hope the following pictures help people understand the true purpose of nicebirding and demonstrate where we would like to be if allowed to achieve our full potential.


I call the last one 'Schrödinger's Poop'. Anyway, what do you care for my art?! Philistine scum - you'll only steal it when I'm not looking, hoping to gleen a little of my geo-cultural dna off the internet for free. Go on take it! Have it all! I hope it was worth it!

Not bored yet?

What do I have to do to get you people to go away?

Pale Pinion Lithophane socia........on an ice-cream scoop!

radio nicebirding

I'm afraid these airwaves might be taken up by this 'groop' for a long while yet

The Monotony of Moths Part 1

Early Grey Xylocampa areola. Scientifically proven to be a 7.9 million times better than a seagull.


they don't let me use metal knives and forks since the incident.....