Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Harley Queens

When i told Andrew i was putting a load of Queen photos on he got rather nervous that i was going to out him publicly as a Transvestite but no fears of that, here are some glorious Harlequeen Ducks from Iceland probably the cutest thing ever on the Blog. Andrew assures me he only dress's up in womens cloths when he goes to Nobirds Meetings so that he can fit in, when he visits the WOW Reserve ( he thought it meant Woman at Weekends) or every Saturday Night and he definately doesnt wear any make up apart from lipstick and a bit of eye-liner but he claims lip stick does attract in rare moths, we believe him. He did tell me one time in a bed and breakfast in Bunbeg, Donegal that he loved Eddie Izzard but i am sure he cant remember that, i cant forget it!