Sunday, 22 March 2015

The Direction of the Future

Inspired by one of my previous posts (I find that the best inspiration is myself) I present to you all 'Five Pictures of Poop'. It's often said to me 'What is this blog all about - it's nothing but dangerously delusional conversations with an imaginary person called Derek'. While that may be very true I hope the following pictures help people understand the true purpose of nicebirding and demonstrate where we would like to be if allowed to achieve our full potential.


I call the last one 'Schrödinger's Poop'. Anyway, what do you care for my art?! Philistine scum - you'll only steal it when I'm not looking, hoping to gleen a little of my geo-cultural dna off the internet for free. Go on take it! Have it all! I hope it was worth it!