Monday, 23 March 2015

When is a Kumliens Gull not a Kumliens Gull!

 I have bumped into a few photographers recently in Lurgan Park who have been down to photograph the Kumliens Gull, just one small problem most dont know what they are looking at or photographing! Two different photographers over the weekend pointed the Kumliens Gull out to me and surprise surprise it was an Iceland Gull! Here is the problem! There is an Iceland Gull and a Kumliens Gull at Lurgan Park. Sometimes both are present, sometimes the Kumliens is on its own, sometimes the Iceland Gull is there with no Kumliens and sometimes neither! So be careful!

Above and below the first winter Iceland Gull

Below. Iceland Gull

Top bird Iceland Gull,below it the Kumliens

Next four the Kumliens, they are very similar but the easiest way to separate them, the Kumliens is missing a couple of tail feathers!