Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Comment now needed

Well they have gone off the ridiculous scale again (not Andrew, he is permentally off the scale, where is the report Andrew? tou scumbag) yes, its the Nobirds McGarrys. Not content with yesterdays classics they have gone on an all out dumb offensive! A second hand report of a White-tailed Eagle has come in....! What does this mean? They have also conveniently put Derek Brennans name against it, the finding of the Donegal White Tailed Eagle, would be good to know if Derek reported the White Tailed Eagle at Castlerock or if he was the source for the second hand message? Anyway the report is enough to get you into the car, spin the wheels and head the opposite direction and go for the Nobirds Grey Partridge! But where are the Partridge? They cunningly dont say? This is bizzare. Grey Partridge have been extinct in Northern Ireland for 50 years but this news of a refound extant population is world news! Or could it be that these are released birds, non-sustaining and actually worse than Budgies, Cows, Dogs and Cats - who would all maintain a self sustaining population if released into the wild unlike the stupid Partidges, where the climate and habitat doesn't suit them? Who can ever forget the photo they published of a Red-legged Partridge on a sofa??? if you sent them a photo of a Canary or Chough at your local Rugby Club they would put it on, yes they really are that dumb. Not dumb when it comes to the old dosherooney. Yes? just where has eight years of £10 notes gone??? holidays perhaps, nights out certainly - not on a report! Some photos from Lesvos, all wild birds. no bullshit.