Wednesday, 29 April 2015


 I think we have to comment on the shambles of  a political TV debate last night, it was a complete and total embarrasment, and i think most people watching will have torn up their polling cards last night.
First up, Mark Burkenhead SDLP. His whole crux was vote for us and we will vota against anything the Tories propose in Westminster. A fantastic negotiating technique in the event of a hung parliment, almost a brilliant plan its that stupid, Nobirds should sign him up
Next Martin McBomb Sniper Sinn Feein. If i got this right there is no reason to vote for the Shinners in a Westminster election other than to stick two fingers up to the Prods, is that a reason for doing anything?
Tranny Kennedy OUP, a muppet if ever there was one. Vote for us and we will protect the union, despite 90-95% of MPS whole will be returned to Westminster are pro unioun MP's, once again you cant make this level of stupidity up. When asked why the OUP has entered into a pact with the Bigoted, Sectarion, Homophobic DUP he as good as answered because we are too, and indeed they are
Niomi Wide Alliance. It is difficult to know where to start with this one. By the look of her what she has achieved aat Westminster is to go around and getting MP's luncheon vouchers that they are not using and then cashing them in! Could not tell us a single thing she has achieved as an MP but she isnt alone there! I reckoned you could fit a whole box of Nobirds reports into those stockings!
And finally the gorgeous Nigel Prods DUP. Did not attempt to hide the fact he is a Sectarian, Homophobe apart from saying we like all the wee gay boys really. If you elect us we will do a deal with the Tories and make all Cat Lickers second class citizens again, class it will just be like the old days, i loved it back then, set your watches back to 1690
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