Wednesday, 22 April 2015

More comment needed

 Andrew is taking crack, i dont think there is much doubt about that and i suspect that he has re-joined Nobirds and is launching an offensive against me, maybe he didnt even leave Nobirds and the last lok of years has all been a Nobirds conspiracy and i suspect the Hadricks never left Nobirds either because they feed you rubbish and water down the Vodka, its true. I see Nobirds are sstarting to put sightings on with no name against them (contary to the orders we were given) and the latest is a Great Spotted Woodpecker at Craigagh Wood and who is in charge of Craigagh Wood? Yes its Andrew!! It all links, here are more real birds from Lesvos. I havent spoken to Andrew in 2 years since i moved to Cork, its been great i never want to speak or see him again, he is mad