Monday, 20 April 2015

No comment needed

 There isnt really much point commenting on the latest Nobirds Fiasco(s) plural because they really dont seem to care. Reporting a Black Kite on Sunday evening six days after the sighting is even by their shoddy standards pretty ridiculous, although maybe it makes a bit of sense because yesterday some of the Nobirds McGarrys were spotted at Lough Foyle (a stones throw from the Kite). now why is this interesting, well the McGarrys rarely leave their own house so why were they on Lough Foyle a place i am sure they needed aa map to find? Presumably they knew about the Black Kite but didnt tell anyone else not even their members or people who send them sightings, a big slap in the old face! While we are at it, the Wood Warbler sighting is big old dodgy and who can forget the recent Common Crane flying from the heronry at Kinnegar! That funny enough want seen again. All Nobirds classics.
And while i am at it Andrew Crory is a tube also. There are 5000 or maybe even 10000 possible species of Moths that can be found here and about 350 sppecies of bird possible aall which have occurred already inc Black Kite so the chances of adding a new bird species is slim to say the least but to add aa new moth species just throw a white blanet out your living room wwindow, then kill all the mothss you catch and send them to someone to dissect rheir fiddley bits and hey presto a new species. Andrews latest addition to the NI Moth List looks like a bit of straw or kindling you would ffind in your fire. Andrew should rejoin Nobirds, he is no doubt related to those tubes.
Here are some stunning orchids from Lesvos which help calm me down. I am going to twitch the Black Kite in 2 weeks time if anyone wants to come along sshould be a few Nobirds Hoopoes in by that time!