Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Same frigging moth

If Derek the Berk can get away with posting seagulls with no discerning features every day then the following is perfectly acceptable. Here's the same piece of twig as the other day. if you find this boring then it's ok, you're normal. actually, think about it - are you normal? do you want to be? well, good on you. good luck with all that. I'm sure you'll be fine. It'll be grand. A breeze. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Let nothing stand in your way.

Get bleeching over this

In a ragamuffin stylee!!!!.... or maybe not. it's the same bloody moth. different pic but the bugger hasn't moved. And what's happened to his leg?! I'll tell you the truth - it was Derek (as everyone knows - he hates moths)

Here's a detail shot of the primary projection

Here's the same fucking moth again.

And here's your money shot.

Lettuces planted up in the greenhouse. started a fence. checked my moth trap. lovage and elecampane shoots pushing through. sowed some night-scented stock and night phlox seeds. made a chiang mai pork curry. cherry, plum and pear trees coming into blossom. dug out a couple of dozen self-seeded cherry seedlings. lots of borage self-seeded -saves me planting new ones. talked to my mate on the phone had a good old rant and simultaneously had an idea for a one page comic strip (I hope he didn't read my mind). bantam laying - should clock any day now. spent twenty mins looking at shelduck arsing about - silly bastards. worth it to hear the popeye the sailorman impersonations 'ag-ag-ag-ag'. heard my first cuckoo of the year. marigold, yarrow, physalis, sea holly and lavender seeds arrived through the letterbox. handed wife the electricity bill I was going to hide in the car - refused to look at the bottom line. listened to the dandy warhols. finished off a potato curry that was in the fridge, smell lingered for several hours after consumption - a mark of a good curry. A single greenfinch visited my feeders - they're not extinct yet. went to park with wife and kids - they had a great time, I was thinking about the little dot and squiggle that peels across my vision whether I've got my eyes open or not. transplanted sweet cecily plants. looked for leafmines in the garden - not much doing, should have left some bramble at least. stacked some wood. fed cheeseplant. roasted and grinded spices for tomorrows curry. nicotiana seedlings appeared today. looked at beehives with my dad. bought some ice-cream and sat on the promenade like a tourist. ruminated about 'w. crory' on the war memorial - bloody jerry. drank a bottle of wine - successfully veered away from the bosnian serb plum brandy. blackcaps and willow warblers everywhere - saw a lesser black-backed chase off a herring gull over the house (that'd give Derek a stiffy). small tortoiseshells flapping about - herring gull of the butterfly world. saw my first peacock butterfly (should get out more). repaired a bit of wall, that's a lie - repair would involve mortar or cement, placed or stacked some bits of brick would be more accurate. made some firelights. couple of beetles in moth trap - should have kept them for roy. cleaned some beer bottles in preparation for a beer kit. mentally planned out planting for next month (rolling update every 15 mins). had another idea for a comic strip. plotted revenge on several people. drank two bottles of cider. second run of sweet pea seedlings appeared. left cabbages and brussel sprouts out to harden off. starlings found the hole in the garage roof and nesting. nearly forgot to lock chickens in - only four eggs out of the layers, maybe not enough grit, there was severn for eight yesterday! haven't heard any song thrushes around the garden yet - that's weird. read a chapter of my book on the Stern Gang. rhubarb shooting up - should have split the crowns. maybe do a second count on my tystie sections tomorrow. boat painted. pitmaston pine apple tree in the post. clear skies again tonight - glad I live by the coast. didn't look at nobirds - hate them cos they're crap. would have drank more wine but the offy is shut. oystercatcher overhead. that would be news on nobirds. 

What a shit day. I have to run to find a clear spot.