Thursday, 16 April 2015

Scores on the doors

Tawny Pinion Lithophane semibrunnea - 1st Northern Irish and 3rd Irish record. Thanks to Patti Smith for the photograph.

Now let me see - Derek, you added one species to the Northern Irish list....the Pacific Golden Wonder

....unless you count that petshop-spectacular many moons ago at Duncrue Street (in the days when you dressed like one of the waterboys crossed with a lemon). There was that incident at chlorine gardens that still leaves a sour taste with belfast's bhutanese community. And who could remember your many forays into pop stardom with your own original mix of punk and Ballymena throat-singing 'the licked crisps'? No, I'm not surprised you don't remember that....not since the accident where you fell over onto a cardboard coffee cup in the Ribadoo Road Delicatessen.

The stats speak for themselves Derek - you add species to the northern irish list at a rate of one species every 30 years. Anyway what does any of this matter considering you're a figment of my imagination who lives in Co. Cork? Still, that's a nice pic of a masked shrike that I imagined you took - the collared fly ain't bad either. I'm just brilliant aren't I Derek? Yes you are, you like totally are. You're like the best person in the whole wide world said Derek.