Friday, 24 April 2015

Second hand

 It really is the silly season, questions have to be asked, are the Nobirds McGarrys taking hard illegal drugs or have they all just graduated from the Buck Stupid University? We really need to know! Their latest efforts are up there with their best work and would tend to edge you towards the hard drug theory but then again they are completely buck stupid. The old Nobirds "late" report they love them, just love them. The ten day too late Hoopoe, sheer class and the directions they have given are just awful but typically McGarry, "one and a mile from Balloo Croosroads" yes instantly we all know where that is, near what town and if we did find it which direction would we set off on our one and a mile half walk? Might give that one a miss

And then there is the super classis and i qoute
"A second hand and unconfirmed report of a possible grey shrike species has come in from Carryduff Sawmill."
This actually defies belief. Did Craryduff Sawmill ring this in, strange thing for a Sawmill to do mind? Second hand and unconfirmed you really get any any better info than this, its all there and a possible grey shrike species, yep well done guys. As Carryduff is in the middle of the McGarry Hinterland why o why dont they send one of their huddled masses up to check it out? Simple plan for simple people but probably just on the complicated side for them, that would involve opening the front door and going out, perish the thought, getting the map out and looking for Carryduff, mad stuff i know. And the coup de grace trying to work out what a grey shrike species looks like, i know its all too much get back in that door and wait for people to send you sightings of third hand might be not confirmed by Jesus it is one, no its not just up the road 500m or maybe 5 mile it might be a bird or a dead badger, send us a photo and we will send it to someone can we go to the Copeland Island for a day, is the Med Gull still there at World of Wallys? i am getting worried about that Wood Warbler now its been eaten by the White Tailed Eagle, who said that, the Black Kite wasnt in Limavady it was in Co Derry, my head hurts, i know i will take a couple of these pills and count the ten pound notes once more and book us all a little holiday and still have money left over, thats what we will do this weekend.

The Ring Ouzel is on PRIVATE LAND at Glenwherry  DO NOT enter the fields, Nobirds forgot to tell you that, naughty boys. some more from Lesbos