Thursday, 28 May 2015

Bird Report update

Thanks to everyone who has asked for a 2013 Bird Report. We have now sent it to 300 people and thanks to everyone for the support. We would also like to thanks the two numpties who have been giving us vile abuse on Social Media, we really appreciate and look forward to your report when it comes out.
We do want to point out that we are in NO WAY asscoiated in any shape or form with the tossers at the Northern Ireland Birdwatchers Assotiation (NIBA or Nobirds for short) This is NOT one of their publications, repeat NOTHING to do with them as some people who have contacted us think that we are still doing the report for them. If you want a report from the official body the NIBA you pay them ten pounds a year and wait for 7 years (and counting). And to reinforce this point here are some photos of the Early Purple Orchids, they are much too high browed to put some of these gorgeous creatures on their blog. If you have photos of Sparrows, Black Headed Gulls and Willow Warblers send them to Nobirds, they love them, they really do.
Anyone who hasnt seen a report yet and wants a copy ( we also have 2009 - 10, 2011, 2012 reports also) email me on and i will send you copies, even if we dont like you! They are free, not £10. Just where has all the money gone, i hear the Nobirds Hierarcy are away on another holiday! I wonder who is paying for that!