Tuesday, 12 May 2015

It is only a Hobby

 It is Hobby season in Nobirds land with the annual influx! Despite being a Vagrant to Northern Ireland it is a common summer visitor in Nobirds land. Does no-one in Nobirds Hierarchy ever stop and think to themselves "why do none of this stream of vagrants we report ever be seen again, it is weird!" We expect many more reports of Hobbys in the coming months by Nobirds. Andrew told me he is going to expose the Nobirds Muppetry in the next report but i havent heard from him since and that was six months ago, i am glad Cork is 4 hours away from Newcastle
Lesvos Orchids Part 3 above and below Masticorum

 Naked Man
 Above and below Fusca

 Above and below Paros