Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Not funny

  • World CO2 levels are at c.400ppm. We're screwed.
  • We now have a tory-led government. no comment (see above)
  • Cerebus the Aardvark didn't end well. But it shits on bill shakespeare.
  • Discrimination is cheap and nasty. 
  • Rik Mayall is still dead. That's only ok if you think Adrian Edmondson was 51% funnier.
  • E-cigarettes will soon be subject to higher levels of taxation in the UK. Hold your breath.
  • Game of Thrones was always crap. Admit it.
  • Sea-level is rising and weather events are increasing in frequency and intensity. Write a hymn about it.
  • Amazon put up its free delivery charge to twenty quid. Consume until you choke,
  • Andy Burnham could be the next leader of the labour party............................................
  • Nobody wants to join in on my kibbutz. Think.
  • Everybody fell for the 'drop in oil price shit' again. The world is a giant ant farm.
  • This is not a good year (so far). For fruit / vegetables, moths or birds (in order of importance...so far)
  • Nobirds haven't produced a Northern Ireland Bird Report in over five years. pricks.

.....at least some cover versions are better than the original.