Friday, 1 May 2015

Where is Moth Boy?

 About 3 months ago Beardie rang me to say he was going to do a 2013 Bird Report but he got all angry when i told him it was £1 a minute to ring me in Cork!! Since then nothing and normally he sends it to me to read over but nada. He told me the report was full of hybrid duck and hybrid gull sightings although he did say his favourite section he was doing was the Nobirds Bollix where he was listing all the complete crap that they report during the year, he said it was a big section! So Moth Boy if your reading this have you rejoined Nobirds? Are you doing the report for them, are they paying you, is that where the tenners are going, did they buy you a new super duper moth trap, did they say you can trap in Larrys back garden? What is going on, i dont really care as there are loads of Hoopoes in Cork, real ones not those Nobirds ones reported from peoples bird tables, o one just flew past as im writing this! Here is a gull i seen recently in Iceland, i dont know what it is and i am only putting it on here as it then goes direct to my ipad via some cloud, i have no idea how that works, saves me having to save each one! Orchids from Cork next week, i see its Cuckoo season up there in Nobirds land, its Cuckoo time all year round with those boys. Come on big lad are you doing a free report or not, come clean!