Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Where is the report?

 No word from Andrew yet, he isnt going to do a new report, he is absolutely and utterly bonkers, raven mad! Here are some Orchids (not weeds!) from Lesvos, most of them are poisionous to Moths another reason to like them. These may or not be the correct names, Majella has named them so blame her if they are wrong. Its my job to name the birds wrong!  above Athena Linda Orchid
 AsBilly Bingham used to say Albannnnnian Orchid
 Anotehr Athenas Linda
 Attayrohas Orchid
 Above and below Attica Orchid

 Barbary Nut Iris, this is not an Orchid but is class and reminds us of someone
 And the last three all Bull Headed Orchid