Friday, 3 July 2015

Cork Car Rental

Dear Mr Andrew Sadman, please stop contacting me, i am not doing the blog anymore with you, go back and join Nobirds they could definately use you, they are still complete shite despite years of practice, maybe that is why they are good at it! The report has slowed down with only a trickle of interest in recent weeks, that said we have sent 316 copys of the 2013 NI Bird Report out, not bad considering, send me an email if you want a copy!

I have relocated to Skibereen where i have started my own Car Hire Company! I was stumped at what to call it, spent weeks pondering but in a moment of illumination i came up with "no birds!" Thanks to Mr K for taking photos of my car, so anyone coming to Cork and needing a car give us a shout. Our Slogan is "Nobirds will get you Nowhere" its very catchy.
Ive also taken up gardening and ive attached a few of my efforts ive dug most of them up from a meadow near the house.