Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Cork plants

If anyone wants to know what that last post by Andrew was all about, it is simply that yesterday Andrew found a first Moth record for Northern Ireland and second for Ireland. Cause for celebration, well not really, the name of the moth is Brown Moth 525, Andrew also found the first NI records of Brown Moth 520, Brown Moth 521, Brown Moth 522 and Brown Moth 524. Another saddo Moth person from Belfast Patti Smith found Brown Moth 523, lucky her. Andrew was that embarressed about telling people he went on the rampage but at least he got it out of his system. I dont agree with any of it apart from the McGarry bit and some of the other bits but i am glad i am living in Cork, here are some plants from Ballycotton hopefully calm young Andrew down. Andrew was sitting up all last night watching Brown Moth 525 in his fridge waiting for other Saddos to twitch it, that really is sad!