Tuesday, 21 July 2015

July bird photos, its been grim!

 How bad is Northern Ireland for birds? Buzzards well no problem with them we have like about a million breeding pairs! Willow Warblers pictured above, a million zillion of them!

 Pied Wagtails, say half a million!

 Med Gulls, about 10 pair! Above and below!

Hooded Crow, half a million and Woodpigeeon about 5 million!

Collared Dove two million and Starling 3 Million!

 Coots and Moorhen 4 Million each!

 Ring Billed Gull pictured right, no pairs! Ok half a pair!

 Sedge Warblers and Meadow Pipits 3 million each! There you are not bad at all, much better than moths!