Wednesday, 22 July 2015

We are not exposing Nobirds

Andrew contacted me last night and said we should do a Blog exposeing Nobirds for what they are but i had to say no to that idea because how do you expose sheer stupidity! Take yesterdays Nobirds fiasco because that is what it was. When i heard there was a Fosters Tern at the Reserve i never bothered, just drove into work (a 5 minute diversion would have taken me to the reserve) a wise decision. I knew the Keystone Cops where on the job and texting and ringing friends we all decided not to bother going and we all reckoned it was a Nobirds Cock Up! As it turned out several hours later after being broadcast all round the UK and Ireland the bird was a Roseate Tern! The observer never even claimed a Fosters Tern! Without checking and confirming this major UK and Ireland rarity Nobirds went viral! Mr Stupid later tried to claim it was an auto correct Keyboard error! But we know it wasnt, it was just him being a Tosser! We will tell the full story in our 2015 report as it is brilliant! I fielded calls from Ireland and UK and told them the truth and while we had a good laugh at Nobirds expense it really wasnt funny. So no Andrew we wont expose those Nobirds guys they are doing a great job all by themselves! Their new report i am being told will be out next week, look forward to recieeveing my copy as ive paid £20 for it!