Friday, 24 July 2015

Who is Laughing now!

 Certainly not me! I went yesterday to see the Nobirds Pectoral Sandpiper, get a year tick under the belt! Got in, got the bird pointed out to me, checked and made sure two more times that this was definately the Pectoral Sandpiper. I pointed out to the 5 people there that it was a juvenile Dunlin. Blank looks, then someone said "It doesnt have a black belly!" I couldnt argue with that and left them to it but not before i seen thwe Nobirds Fosters Tern, the Rooster Tern was present also! A nice little window into Nobirds land, i wont be back soon! I left before ssomeone tried to fleece me for a tenner. Some photos i found of the Ballycastle Laughing Gull, who actually looks at the Nobirds Photo Blog? (seperate to the Nobirds Hans Christian Anderson Bird Blog) It is class, worth a look is your feeling a bit down. Now where are those Godwits?