Friday, 21 August 2015

Its Ruff

An astounding minimum of 164 Ruff all but 2 were juveniles were at Ardmore, Lough Neagh
yesterday evening, a further 39 juveniles were at Reedy Flat

Anyone going for the exciting Nobirds Velvet Scoters a word of caution, well a big word. Small numbers of Moulting Eiders have been frequenting that bay and many show white secondaries. Do they look like Velvet Scoters, only in Nobirds Land, to everyone else they look like moulting Eiders. By Nobirds reckoning there must be 5000 Velvet Scoters in Belfast Lough at the minute! Whats more likey 4 moulting Eiders or 4 rare (at least in NI) Velvet Scoters.mmmmhhmm. If Nobirds guys went out of the house they might find these things out for themselves, wishful thinking!