Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Pacific Golden Plover photos, 6th September

 Another 24 hours and still no photos from Nobirds of the American Golden Plover or the Pacific Golden Plover (they did see the Pacific didnt they?) So far they have produced a very poor photo of a European Golden Plover and a blob which they have called a Red Kite. In case they didnt see the Plover here it is, it was present for over 5 hours on Sunday afternoon and we left it with the Nobirds crack team looking at the field and a sick European Golden Plover (which they have kindly posted a photo of) Still no sign they are admitting they are wrong, arrogance beyond belief or are they keeping the photos all to themselves, we dont know but either way it isnt a very good way to educate people which is there mission statement which they pronounced to the world, we await the education. But its a nother day what new Vagrant will they proclaim today, perhaps the Velvet Scoters are still present at Portballintrae!