Monday, 7 March 2016

Glaucous Gulls

 Northern Ireland continues to be in the middle of a bird drought bar the Glossy Ibis at Toome, its a good un! Beyond that nothing the only other exciting birding event is the 9 (yes 9!) Short Eared Owls at Strangford Lough. Not a good seagull, not even a Ring Necked Duck or even a Snow Bunting, he he yes I did forget about the Nobirds Montagues Harrier, you can always rely on them to spice things up and for a picture of a Buzzard, what a superb role they play. Yo0u cant have too many Glaucous Gull photos on a blog, that's what Jimmy Nesbitt once told me and what is all the hype about McGregor? Don't get it.