Friday, 4 March 2016


 More bloody seagull photos but its the easiest way to get them onto an icloud, whatever that is! How an ipad knows that ive posted pictures on Blogger is simply mind boggling a bit like why do the Nobirds lads keep going! It might be easier to figure out the icloud thing! Three blogs? I can hardly believe it myself, mind bloggling simply mind boggling! Nowhere on any of the blogs does it say have the wise men accepted the Belfast Baikal Teal? or even the Fermanagh Baikal Teal, if there are any feathers left on that bird they should send them away and get a wig made out of them and give it to the winner of the annual "who is the best Nobirder of the year?" Larry always wins because its a secret ballot and he collects the ballots, a few of the McGarrys think he rigs it but they are too scared to say anything, looked what happened to the last person who peeped up a certain Mr Crory! Larry is the proud owner of a yellow bandana made out of bananas, a telescope made out of loo roll and the bottom of a coke bottle and an iron made out of pure iron that was stolen out of the Titanic. He also has the keys to the piggy bank where they keep all the £10 notes, must be £10,000 in fat piggy now, where has all the money gone?